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Savage Axis .308 bolt will not come back

Hi guys, I've been lurking on TFL for a while, and my first post comes unfortunately due to a problem with my Savage Axis .308. After a lot of searching the web and forums, I haven't found a solution.

I had the bolt out of the rifle for cleaning a couple days ago, and it wouldn't go back in. Getting curious and feeling it should be cleaned anyway, I got ambitious and took the bolt apart and cleaned/oiled it.

The bolt seems to be back together, but now when I put it into the rifle it causes a problem. If I try to raise the bolt handle, it goes up and cocks the bolt. However, the bolt will not come back (like to eject the casing).

One thing I noticed that I did not notice before (maybe I wasn't paying attention) is that the bolt release is down when the bolt is in the fired position, and it goes up when in the cocked position. I don't know if that has anything to do with anything.

I've determined the cause of the jam probably has something to do with the "button" on the side of the bolt that cocks the rifle, maybe getting jammed up with the bolt release. The front end of the bolt (extractor etc) seems to be working fine. Any other ideas?

I would appreciate any advice on how to get this fixed. Thanks in advance.
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