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I'm the one that had problems with bulk ammo . I like to read all the reply's on threads that I posted something but some how I missed yours . Sorry it took so long to get back to you .

I have no idea how many rounds have been though it . I got the gun used as well . When I got the rifle it had been sitting in this guy closet for years and was in pretty bad shape . It had some rust on the barrel but the bore was good . The stock was all beat up and over all in bad shape

The first thing I did was took it apart and started cleaning it . I did take the trigger assembly off the receiver but did not take it apart ( it just seemed like way to many parts for me to be messing with ).I cleaned it as best I could with CLP a brush and Q-tips . Cleaned up the barrel and action . Put a new ATI stock on it and went shooting .

I do not store it with the bolt back and Im sorry to say I never thought of replacing all the springs . That sound like a great idea . Where can I find a set of those
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