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A lot of it depends on how much weight you want to carry. I go elk hunting with a Tikka T3 in 308, with Barnes Vortex 168 gr TTSX bullets. With as light a rifle as the Tikka, that's my limit on recoil vs dragging that thing through the mountains all day. My last trip had a 10,000 ft mountain as a "that's where they bed down during the day" midday excursion in it.
If you're very stout recoil wise or don't mind dragging a 10 lbs rifle, a 300 WM or 7 RM probably gives you a bit more comfort zone on long shots due to the flatter curve, but that doesn't help you if you have a decent wind (and you get a lot of that out west) blowing your bullet all over the place.
I used to love being able to hit hard at 1000 yards. As I get older I find hitting a mini ram at 200 yards with the 22 oddly more satisfying.
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