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Besides, AK-47s shouldn't be on our streets. Somebody might run them over and ruin them!
They are AK-47s... they can be ran over and be just fine

On the EO notion. I understand the premise of it, in that it was [I]supposed[I] to be used as a way for Congress not to be flooded with legislation. The stuff that wasn't "important" enough for Congressional approval was given to the Executive to pass on their own.

Or that's how I was taught it and understand it. But I think that the EO power has spiraled out of control with the power that it grants the Executive Branch. You mean one person can give an EO and instantly enforce something as large as the country's immigration policy without Congressional approval? That's insane. I think it would be a much different story if an EO was put out to confiscate "assault weapons" in that they would have a huge 2nd amend lawsuit but I can see an EO banning importation as a possibility.
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Blaming guns for crime is like blaming the planes for 9/11

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