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"M-4's in .308": Input Requested

Allow me to apologize in advance if I've missed any past threads - I've used the TFL Search function with no real success.

I'm looking at buying a .308 carbine that is essentially an M-4 in .308 caliber.

Three that I've looked at have included DPMS, Rock River, and Bushmaster. Each of these appears below:

While each of the manufacturers offers more than one carbine configuration, in general terms I'm looking for a 16" bbl, flat-top receiver, with a foregrip incorporating rails.

Noveske doesn't appear to offer any .308 carbines similar to these, nor does Bravo Company or most of the other usual suspects. (If they do I couldn't find them on their websites.)

I have experience with numerous 5.56mm AR rifles, and the Remington R-25 in .308, but no experience with any of the 16" .308s.

I'm interested in input from folks on the forum who may know of any other manufacturers offering 16" (M-4 type) .308 carbines; and particularly those who already own them and have fired them. Are there any performance characteristics to these short .308s that would cause you to select one over another? Of the three listed, does anyone have any personal experience that would eliminate a manufacturer from consideration?

Thanks again for any input, and I'm sorry if this topic has already been beaten to death!

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