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I appreciate both responses. I guess I didn't make it clear, I have already patterned the shells from the gun I will use, my trusty old Winchester 1200. At 30 yards I'm keeping about 12 pellets in the kill zone. I found a good spot through all my scouting. It sits across a small stream from a harvested cornfield. The turkeys come down through the field and there is a very narrow spot in the stream which with 2 flaps of their wings they can cross. Once they cross and land they are well within 20 yards of me. Each time I was scouting they didn't even know I was there. I figured that I can maybe get one as soon as they land and start walking. Anyone ever tried an owl hooter locator call? Was just curious about them.

Shortwave, I'm hunting in Tuscarawas County, depending on which part of SE Ohio you're in terrain may be similar, its alittle bit like the Logan, Nelsonville area, lots of forest, valleys, hills, etc. By the way, I'm wondering if from your screen name your a ham operator?
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