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Microscope is kinda wrong with what he is saying!

Here's the real deal with the law here in Canada:

-AR15 rifle should just be used at a range, only at a range... so if you shoot it outdoor it must be at a range... not anywhere else. You need the restricted firearm license to own one. Cannot hunt with AR, same as a pistol, only range use.

- Mag capacity is 5 round for semi-auto centerfire rifle, and if the mag is larger then that it has to be permanently pined to hold no more then 5! Otherwise this is a prohibited deveice and you could end up in jail. So 30 round mag end up 5/30 mag (hold only 5).

- There is a exception to that law... you can have LAR-15 mags that hold 10 rounds as it is made for pistol... and pistol law here is 10 round max (rimfire or centerfire). So it can legally be used in an AR (pistol or rifle model, makes no difference, if the mag was made to be used in a pistol).

S, if SHTF happen you just have to unpined the mags

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