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Induction Innovations Mini-ductor used mainly, but not exclusively, for annealing BR cartridges to reset the neck ductility. Frequency depends upon the cartridge. Usually from 5 firings to 10 firings. I anneal before forming certain cartridges from the parent cartridge case, and then after forming, but still before the first firing. then again after the 5th to 10th firing, again depending upon the cartridge. Some cartridges work the brass harder than some others. The 30BR is a very good example of a case that does not get worked too hard.

The mini-ductor allows such fine control of the heat application that it is possible to anneal the taller handgun brass like .357 and .44 mag. There is no surface effect to fool you into thinking the case is really annealed; the inductor cooks the inside and outside of the neck both.
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