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Need is a heck of a word.

In my mind I need the following

3 Handguns for each adult in my house (only my wife and I).
Currently have a total of 4; 2 ta go!

A minimum of 4 magazines for each handgun.

1 rifle in 5.56 for each adult in the house (only have 1 currently)

10 Magazines for each 5.56 rifle.

1 "Hunting" type rifle; currently use my fathers 30-06 Rem 700. Plan to buy something similar soon in either 30-06 or 308.

1 Shotgun , Dont have yet.

I am pretty close to having my gun needs covered. Think I am going to buy a P226 9mm CPO and a P239 9MM early next year. Wife doesn't know it yet but she is getting a surprise of the 556 variety under the christmas tree this year.
Then it comes down more to gear like better coms gear, more food, ammo, maybe a vest for each of us and some NVG's.

That being said if something happened tomorrow I would start selling them off as needed. That is the great part, a 5 year old P226 is worth used about as much as a 1 year old sig if wear is kept under control.

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