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That's a real shame that there aren't any rra lowers available nearby

Do you feel comfortable assembling your own lower? Here's a link to a video explaining it. It's pretty straight forward. It requires a small investment in tools, if you don't have them already, of about $50. I recommend using a nylon and brass hammer for the roll pins so you don't have to worry messing up your finish.

If you feel comfortable, here's a list of some good parts:

A DPMS Lower Parts kit minus fire control group. ($30)

RRA 2 stage trigger

An Aero Precision stripped Lower
Haven't heard anything but good Things about them. ($90)

An A2 buffer kit. (not the A1) ($40)

An A2 Stock ($30)

A Bullet Button ($20)

And a wrench to tighten the buffer tube($6)

Total: $386 with tools, $336 if you already have them.

Good luck
I own to many AR pattern rifles, I guess that would make me a hoardAR

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