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Got my Marlin XS7S 7MM-08

Well I was going to get a .308 and replace the barrel right away with a McGowen in .260 Rem. but given I will get next to nothing for the take-off barrel I decided to get the 7mm-08 and I am going to play around with it for a while until I save up enough for the McGowen and a Boyds stock.

I was very careful picking the rifle looking for stock fit issues and such. Luckily the 7mm-08 they had in stock had a near perfect stock fit (the .308 they had was BAD) and it had obviously was test fired at the factory because it had a nice neat star of carbon on the crown. I shot some Wipeout foam into the bore when I got home and had the slightest trace of copper on the patches I pushed through.

I don't know much about 7-08 but I am going to buy a die-set, bullets, and some brass and try it out. The barrel has a 1:9.5" twist so I was wondering if it would stabilize the 162gr. A-MAX but if not it looks like I can get 150Gr. Sierra MKs that might work well.

Anyone have a suggestion on the powder? I have some H-4350 on hand.
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