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Being thrifty on a tight budget....saving tips for gun purchases

Those of you who are lucky (and obviously responsible with finances) to have most of your debts cleared and have a nice disposable income need not read. The rest of us, chime in!

I wanna set up my own personal scenario which I'm guessing will capture the medium average of income on here so we can contribute to a healthy discussion about how to finance our guns.....for those of us who can still pay all of our bills, stash a few bucks aside, AND still have a few extra dollars each month towards gun purchasing. If you are bad with money and own 20 guns but live in a shack with massive debts and eat Ramen noodles for breakfast lunch and dinner and cant buy dog food or diapers....SELL YOUR GUNS!

So, I'm a guy making a lower/middle income with a small family (wife and daughter). Let's say that after all bills are paid each month, and $300 gets put aside into a savings account...that I still have about $100 leftover each month. Thats the whole extra $100/mo of extra "play" money.

I generated my monthly savings & that extra $100/mo by doing the following:

• Carpooling to work
• brown bagging lunch every day
• making a strict weekly grocery list and not getting extra stuff...and buying BULK!
• Refinanced auto loan
• Avoid ATM fees
• Making BIG dinners that last 2-3 days (crock pot and casserole meals)
• Dunkin Donuts only 1 day a week....make my own coffee the rest
• Drive less, walk more
• Quit the gym, now I use old weight set in garage and run around the neighborhood

Now, unfortunately my monthly ammo/range time comes out of that $100/mo so I have to pretty much cut that number in half now. $50/mo towards my next gun purchase isnt bad because it fits hand in hand with the rule my wife and I negotiated on: ONLY 1 GUN PURCHASE PER YEAR. Thats $600/year. And if I skip a year, I can buy a premium gun around the $1200 range!

So, I hope some of those little nuggets will help some of you on a tight budget but still make room for this amazing hobby/lifestyle we all enjoy WITHOUT making bad decisions or going into debt.
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