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It seems like you are trying to turn a defensive situation (CCW) into an offensive situation. I would never chase anyone down and shoot them, unless stated above "they had my wife or kids dragging them away". A CCW permitt does not entitle you to play police officer. If you try you will be getting into some big trouble. We were told in the police academy about a situation that happened one time. Cop was off duty in a bank with his kid, guy comes in pulls a gun and robs the bank. Off duty cop pulls his gun on bad guy, does not realize that 2nd bad guy is outside. 2nd bad guys sees the pulling of the gun, shoots and kills off duty cop in bank in front of his kid. Moral of the story, dont be a hero, and always watch your 6. Law Enforcement Officers are trained observers, the off duty cop could have been the best wittness for the prosecution. People get CCW's and next thing you know they are trying to be cops. I hope I can go the rest of my life with my CCW and not draw on anyone, but if I have to I will.
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