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Rifle Hunting in Different Areas of the USA

I've got to go out west (Wyoming) only once in my life. The rest has all been in Wisconsin's woods or marshes. But I have noticed a huge difference in hunting between the eastern and western parts of the USA.

I'm looking for your comments on this.

My comments:

Eastern hunting.
I've found in Wisconsin that to avoid the crowds on public hunting you have to go far off the beaten path in a LARGE area (example; Nicolet National Forest) or you'll be looking at lot's of blaze orange. And in this type of situation (public hunting) I've always done better stalking then sitting in a blind.

On private land we've had better luck sitting in blinds as the deer tend to follow their normal "routines" when not pushed. Shots are close, quick and there is no time to evaluate the deer like they show on the TV shows (hunting tame deer on game farms). I would assume these opinions would apply for most of the eastern hunting, north and south.

Western hunting.
As I said, I've only been out west once (got my muley) but the hunting is a whole different challenge. You need to be ready for long shots but you also get more time to evaluate your target and set up a good shot.

Both types of hunting are very enjoyable and I hope someday before I die I can get out west again for an Elk hunt. It's on my bucket list!

Your comments please!!
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