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We count one side, because that's all we get time to look at in the mountains.

We don't have hours to spend watching the whitetails, in our tree stands or blinds, counting every little point out of complete boredom.

We hunt from blinds (in the woods) in Wisconsin and we don't have time to count points period. If it's a big rack we have to act now and shoot it!!

These TV shows where these guys have these absolute monsters come out and they're dinking around with binnoculars counting points are ridiculous. Then they screw around looking through the scope before taking off the safety. It must be nice to hunt on game farms with tame deer that let you take all day to shoot them. These guys could not kill a deer in Wisconsin.

You see a real nice buck you FIRST take off the safety, THEN forget the binoculars and GET THAT GUN UP and the sights on the deer's shoulder and SQUEEZE! This whole sequence takes SECONDS. No wasting time or you ain't gettin that deer!

And the eastern count and western count was what I grew up hearing. Who cares how you count them if it's a nice rack. The number of points is only part of the equation.

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