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Bart, I think we are agreeing in substance. Is it not your opinion that the best accuracy for a given weapon is achieved by fine tuning the load for that weapon?
I do.
What is great for one weapon, may not be crap in another.
How well or poorly I, as the shooter, do my job may effect the overall experience but that's part of it.
I have a Remington 600 in .308. No matter what I do, it will not shoot a grouping smaller than maybe 6 inches at 100 yards, it also beats me to death so that may be part of it. Yet the same loads out of my M1A (selected ones mind you) can make nice little clumps of holes. Different weapons for sure, but the same old fat guy with smudged glasses squeezing the trigger.
What the heck, I enjoy shooting both. And that little 600 was my 'go to' hunting rifle until of late.
I enjoy the conversations. Time for a new subject.

So to the subject of this threat, try many powders, bullets, primers. Don't get discouraged if several combinations don't work out. Many will and some can be very good. The quest is the fun and finding 'that' load is the joy.
I think way too many arm chair experts have babbled (that's me) way too much and offered many opinions. Now it is up to you to skim what you like and go from there. Good luck and good shooting.


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