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I keep hearing about the good ole days of gun show's. Most of the shows anywhere near me seem to have the following.

1. TONS of CC/Pocket/Compact/SubCompact/Mouse guns
2. ZOMBIE! If it has a Zombie or Even a Z version they will have it!
3. Cool older bolt action rifles and pump action shotguns with wood stock; that are way overpriced.
4. Beat to hell overpriced used semi auto I am not paying $550.00 for a S&W 5906 that looks like it sat in an outhouse for the last 10 years.
5. A "Few" high end "evil black rifles". Rail? Check, Lasers? Check, Bipod? Check, Light? Check!

Its a sad sad world but full sized semi-autos are so 20 years ago it would seem. I went to a gun show last year and only TWO tables out of about 50 or 60 had SIG's...ONLY TWO! and one only had an old P220 in 38 Super...which I am an idiot for not buying @ only $400.00. Your classic full sized semi autos just seem to be on the Decline, 1911's are popular as ever but P226, Beretta 92, Fullsized glocks, H&K's, Hi-Power's etc all seem harder to come by.

The internet has changed a lot of things; the gun world has been slower to react. This is why the price of Comic Books fell in the 90's. Suddenly if you had a rare item; say there are maybe only 100-1000 in the world. Normally you would be LUCKY to find one at a local store but more likly than not you needed to go to a special event with dealers from all over to get one. Suddenly ANYONE who is looking for this rare item can type some letters in the search function of a website and find it.

Oh I forgot to add #6 Obligatory table with lots of WWII German firearms and "Nazi" gear.
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