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With regard to the air at Tom Servo's location...

1) I've seen some of the problem Tauri he was talking about. He has shown me a few of them, while we were discussing threads like this.

2) I used to live near his LGS, and I've put in a lot of hours at the range he mentioned. I don't remember ever having that range to myself. They have a high volume of shooters; they have an extensive rental shelf, and they rent a lot of guns.

3) I've had a lot of friends who were Taurus owners. They were Taurus owners primarily because they did not have much of a shooting budget; not only did they want an inexpensive gun, but like Tom speculated, they did not shoot much. I would guess I shoot more in a month than most of them shoot in a year (or two, or three). What they consider a high round count is very different from what I would consider a high round count (but a normal shooting session for me is typically 150-200 rounds per gun I decide to shoot).

Of those friends of mine who have owned Taurus, a good percentage have had problems. Between them, and the bad NIB guns that Tom has shown me, I don't plan on gaining first-hand knowledge of the brand.

I also wouldn't buy an '80s vintage FIAT Spyder, though I haven't owned one. I try to learn from the experiences of others, and don't feel any compulsion to prove that things are problem children.

Some people like to find out for themselves, I guess.
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