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Thanks for the input. I don't have the dies yet: I'm creating a short list.

My confusion may arise from the fact that I don't crimp with my bullet seating die: I use a Lee FCD.

If it is integral to the bullet seating phase, then great: one less thing to buy. However, none of the descriptions specified crimping so I wanted to check.

I think I will be getting these following:

Redding Deluxe Reloading Dies: £65
The set includes Redding full length resizing die, Redding neck sizing die, Redding seating die, A spare decapping pin and hex wrench
(I would just ignore the full-length die)


The Lee Deluxe set. This includes a neck sizing collet die, dead length bullet seater, and a full length sizing reloading die (again I'd ignore the full-length). Cheaper at £30, but perhaps a bit less high-spec...

I'm going to forego the RCBS Neck sizing die and Forster micrometer reloading die due to cost and the full length sizing of the Forster.

All mounted on a spare turret for the Lee Cast press.

I usually use a Lee Factory crimp die
Do they produce an FCD for .308? I hadn't seen it listed.

I don't crimp any rifle rounds.
How is it that the bullets stay put?
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