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IMO the contributing elements of the P95 not functioning well with low powered ammo has to do with its form factor (barrel length), design (hammer, Hi-Power locked breach action), and the material of the frame.

The G19 (Glock 19) Gen3 having the same barrel length (4”) as the P95 generally has no issues with low powered ammo such as WWB (Winchester white box). Unlike the P95 the G19 is striker fired. The striker only partially cocks during the rebound of the slide. Full cocking of the hammer of the P95 takes a good deal more energy during the early recoil impulse of the slide.

Ruger P89 generally works fine because it has a 4.5” barrel with alloy frame.

Walther P5 works fine too. The P5 has a much shorter barrel at 3.5” and uses the Walther locking wedge method. The Walther requires less energy to unlock compared to the high mass Browning methods of the tilting barrel.
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