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Crimping rifle rounds: am I missing something?

Crimping seems to be my nemesis: either causing me confusion or frustration!!

Anyway, I've been compiling a shopping list of sorts for my planned expansion into rifle round reloading, based on what is on sale and what people here have suggested.

Given that I will be reloading my bought-and-fired Norma cases, I am sort of decided on a neck sizing die to preserve the fire-formed cases' shape, and micrometer bullet seater that doesn't full cases size (seem to have found a few).

However, I don't seem to have found any rifle crimping dies yet, given the recoil, I'd have thought that bullet creep would be a greater problem than in a handgun.

Is this process included in the bullet seater die, or are rifle rounds simply not crimped, relying purely on neck tension?
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