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Rhino Experience

I collect slightly unusual firearms. The Rhino 40 fills the bill. I was so lucky to have my local gun dealer on the Columbia River, find one and one only, at his distributer. I picked up up today and got it home for a close inspection.
Gee, the cylinder section is dirty. A blast residue is around each and every cylinder hole. This gun has be used!
So I pulled the hammer spur back for single action and guess what, it won't go. The gun is broken and used. DA has a very hard pull.
I have a long relationship with the dealer, so we will talk tomorrow. Looks like the distributor had a return and it got placed in the available line.
This hammer fault has be reported before.
No more Rhino for me. Hard feelings all around. The Rhino line should be kept in the zoo and behind the bars for viewing, not owning.
Cheers, Roy
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