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However, can someone detail what separates them from Glock, S&W, etc?
  • Ambidextrous magazine release.
  • 18 rounds in a gun (Caracal F) slightly smaller than a 17 round Glock 17
  • Steel magazines.
  • Steel sights.
  • More of a constant pull trigger. There's less stacking than a typical Glock trigger.
  • Detail stripping requires dealing with roll pins which I don't like.
  • Accessories, even including magazines are harder or MUCH harder to find and more expensive.
  • The slide release is even less ergonomic than the standard Glock slide release.
  • The primary mechanisms of the gun, including the slide rails, are contained in a steel unit that can be removed from the plastic frame.
  • The connector appears to be less prone to wear than the Glock connector.
  • There's a window that allows one to visually check the chamber for a round.
  • The striker protrudes through the rear of the slide and is visible when the trigger is "set" and ready to fire.
  • The rear sight is part of a larger assembly and can't be replaced without replacing the entire assembly.
  • The disassembly levers are easier to operate.
  • The rifling is standard, not polygonal.
  • The sight radius (on the standard sight model Caracal F) is about the same--maybe a hair longer--than the sight radius of the Glock 17 even though the G17 is a larger gun.
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