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Sounds like you have all the shotgun you need. Your fives may work, it's what I use mostly but as buck460 said, you really need to pattern with some 4, 6's even 7's to see what pattern density you're best getting.

As far as where to shoot, I drop down a bit from the head to the middle/base of the neck and shoot at the waddles. Have always been able to get more shot in the kill zones( neck and head)
Too, naturally, like to get as much shot density in the neck/head as possible and don't like settling for less then about 10-12 head shot count.
Distance is out to about 40yds.

If you have time to experiment you may want to load some duplex loads of 4's and 6's or 5's and 7's, etc. to see how they pattern.

What part of Ohio are you hunting? Whats the terrain like?

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