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Your point is that you want & prefer a fullsize weapon in order to get the most out of the ammo you carry for it. That's not a bad thing and I can agree with the logic. However, remember that +P ammo was invented to give snub .38's the same energy as a full size .38 using standard velocity ammo. Today we see people using +P in both small and full sized guns.

My point was that no matter which weapon you select to carry, you should be able to score COM shots at 25 yards. That's because you never know what kind of situation you'll be forced into when the elephant looms.

I don't recall the originator of the saying about gunfights, but from conversations with several survivors, it's true. The saying is
The gunfight you find yourself in will not resemble any scenario you've ever trained for.

Set your priorities.
1. Only hits count. Carry the gun you shoot the best.
2. Carry the most reliable gun you can. You may need more than 1 shot.
3. Ammo & Guns are a system. Never carry an untested combination.
4. Chose a cartridge that will do the job, ideally it begins with a 4.
5. Select the best quality gear for the job you can afford & keep them in good order.
6. Have a plan. Have several. Realize that plans seldom survive the first few seconds of reality!
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