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They are a stellar performer in .30-06.

I decided to try them in .270 Win, as well. ....and that was a big mistake. A rifle that had previously printed its worst group ever at just under 4" slung the best group of 130 gr CT BSTs into a nasty 8+ inch group. I went through 250 of them, just hoping I could find a way to make them work (definition of insanity, I know). But, I never did.

I passed the remaining bullets on to one of my brothers. He had the same problems: A rifle that shot great with anything you fed it, suddenly went to crap with the CT BSTs.

So, he passed them on to a third brother. He hasn't tried very many (maybe 10), but appears to be getting the same results we did.

I'll shoot them all day in .30-06, but I haven't found a way to make them work in .270 Win.

I think the Ballistic Silvertip has the same heavied up cup, but just has a different colored plastic tip and a coat of moly (or something else).
It's not a moly coating.
It's an oxide coating that Nosler and Winchester (owner) refer to as "Lubalox"(®).
It's the same thing Olin (Winchester) used on the Black Talons, Fail Safes, and a few other bullets.
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