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I use a 300 weatherby mag only out of availability not out of necessity. I would prefer a 7mm rem mag which has similar ballistics just with lighter bullets and has much less felt recoil.

It is unethical to shoot animals at distances you've never shot. Never shot anything. Not, "not this gun", not, "not this caliber", not "woodchucks but not elk"...
with all due respect Brian,
my first kill was a small whitetail doe at 300 yards. that is well beyond my usual comfort zone and up to that point I did all my shooting at 100 yards. albeit I was desperate as it was getting dark on the last day of hunting season but when I lined her up in my cross hairs I didn't have the slightest doubt in the shot, I just held a little high and nailed her right through the heart.

it is unethical to take a shot that you are not certain you can make, not to take a shot that you haven't tried to take. if you know your bullet drop, wind drift, and FTLBs, have a good idea of the range and can make a good determination of where that bullet needs to go then it is not unethical to move from a 200 yard max to a 500 yard max. it is when you see that giant bull that you aren't sure if you can take down and take the shot anyway that it becomes unethical. mindset is crucial, hunting is not an exact science and HUNTING ETHICS ARE NEVER BLACK AND WHITE.
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