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Luger_carbine wrote:

"I would hate to see the death of a law enforcement officer politicized.

The fact is that it is a dangerous area. The architects of Fast & Furious sought to politicize that fact and blame the area's problems on lax gun control laws. They sought to boolster evidence for their claims by practically giving weapons to the cartels.

But this latest weapon will either be from a gun walking operation which I think will cause pressure to build on President Obama to rescind his EP, or the weapon(s) won't be from the U.S. which will support the argument that the cartels weren't getting their weapons by purchasing them from U.S. gun stores - they have the ability to procure weapons more easily elsewhere. "

Re the closing of the foregoing, the following aspect of things has long left me curious. Why on earth would the Mexican Drug Cartel types, who seemingly suffer from no lack of funds bother purchasing over priced, pale imitations of the AK-47 from U.S. gun shops, a few at a time, when they could easily swing the purchase of plane loads, possibly shiploads of the real thing, as much lower unit prices? Am I perhaps missing a salient point or two here?
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