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New Cimarron Questions

There's been some buzz about Cimarron here lately, and I decided to pick one up. Pre-war Model P, 5.5" barrel, .45 Colt.

I took it out to the range the other day, put about fifty rounds through it, and have a couple of questions:

1) Is it normal for the edges on the ejector rod housing to be razor sharp? I've managed to slice my finger open on more than one occasion. This can't be right.

2) After only 50 rounds, all the bluing on the front face of the cylinder seems to be gone. I wouldn't expect that from a $500 gun. Is this normal for a Cimarron/Uberti?

So far this seems to be a gun that isn't holding up very long, and I'm afraid to unload it without a band-aid handy.
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