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the last time I hunted I did not have this dilemma

due to the requirements of the service I have not been deer hunting in 2 years. hunting was easy back then, I had a single rifle that was legal to hunt deer with, so naturally...that's what I took. now I have

the proven, veteran 243.
the AR15 that I never seem to use anymore
the 9mm AR15 that needs to prove the internet nay sayers wrong
the 1903 springfield that would sure make a good story
the 1903A4 sniper that would make an even better story
the enfield no4 that would be fun as heck to use
that enfield no4 in 45ACP(finally shipped and expected to be up and runnning by opening day)
the new to me 44 mag lever gun that weighs less than my 10/22 that would make an awesome brush gun

opening day is one week from tomorrow and I still can't decide what to bring with me... anyone else have that issue sometimes?
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