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Specifically, look for ones for the EAA/Tangfolio Witness 9mm steel full-sized handguns.

Be careful. You can get the ones for the polymer Witness 9mm by accident pretty easily.

Keep in mind some have commented that the Witness mags don't lock the slide back reliably. There is a Jericho941 forum [the starting point for the Baby Eagle]. On it there are tips on modifications to make the Witness mags work with the handgun.

I have a Baby Eagle 9mm and I have both Baby Eagle mags and Witness mags. My slide locks back.

I don't remember if I did any tweaking to the gun to work with Witness mags or not. That was so 2002, and I've done SOOOOO many things to handguns since then I can't remember every tweak I made.

BUT, even if Witness mags don't work right away, they can be made to work easily.

Enjoy the gun. I do!
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