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What is the "Evil Pawn Shop" :)

Yes, I don't follow enough, is it a web business or just a local place where you know everyone and everyone knows you (makes me feel like singing the theme to Cheers)? It would be nice to have another TP22 to replace brittle Zn parts as needed Mine was a very early one, I never put too many hyper-speed .22s in it and for the inexpensive quality of workmanship, it has been amazingly reliable. Fun little thing - oddly enough, it is pretty much the same width and size (it's actually a wee bit longer) than my Kahr P380 with is beautiful! Because of the softness of the metal in the slide - the front edge of the well where the safety goes to fire is peened a bit up. Other than changing the slide - if anyone knows enough about that to know how to finish it back to an uncratered look, the information would be terrific! No, I don't rely on .22s for my go-to sidearm type defense. That's what my Sig P229 is for. There's just something about inexpensive small .22s. Remember the Jennings <laughing> it was surprisingly accurate for a pot-metal cap gun!
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