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So I found this thread to get some more info on the 357 since one was for sale locally. Well, I bought it today. It's a nice 6" model with most of the blueing intact. There is a little wear on the front of the cylinder. A quick search on the colt website puts it at 1956. I'm really impressed with this gun. The action is nice and smooth and the trigger in single action is super crisp. There is no end shake and the cylinder gap is nice and tight. The only big flaw, if you can call it that, is it doesn't have the original stocks, there are some right handed target grips on it now. So why was the guy selling it? To free up some cash from a bucket list purchase - he bought a Python. He wanted to raise some quick cash so he included the rug, a speed loader, Hogue monogrip, and a Safariland holster. The holster is made for a Smith and doesn't fit this gun well so I'll probably sell it since don't have anything else that fits it. Maybe someday I'll get a Python too, but for now I'll enjoy this one.

Here are some pics:

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