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Bad idea, IMHO.
Same here.
Again, especially at ten yds. with the .357...

...but if you must, I'd be shooting fast, JHP's or FN from no closer then 25yds. and would probably comes off the bottom of hard steel 1/2" plates with tie downs. Anchoring the plates at about a 20 degree angle so when I was looking at them they angled downward. The plates would also only be at max, a foot off the ground if not on the ground. The ground would be covered with about 4"-6" of sand to catch spatter.
The plates would have 1/2" plywood over top and on each side to catch spatter as well.

Google "FBI Steel Plate Training Bulletin" for more tips. Although this bulletin says your targets can be closer then my suggested 25yds., I value my shins a bit more. Especially if shooting a .357.

Shooting at clay birds is a lot more fun. And safer.


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