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Lee REAL Bullet sizing

I picked up a CVA 50 cal Black Powder and with powerbelts being $27 for 15 I decided to try casting some Lee REAL bullets and sized them to .501 because it seemed like 'everyone' on the web was sizing these to .501. Anywho, I pushed one into the barrel and although it wont just fall out it went down with little pressure and barely cut rifling grooves into the bullet. Now this bullet is a 320 grain solid conical with 4 bands. Question is, is this too loose? I know a mini-ball has a hollow base and expands a bit to take the rifling but this bullet is solid. I dropped them in water and they set up from .517 to .519. Not sure if I would be better off air cooling or water cooling and they are pure lead or at least I think the lead is pure.
Thanks in advance for any advice.
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