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Bart I stand by my 'claim' that weapons are different.

Example number one:

Two M1 Garands, both made in the same year (one by Springfield and one by IHC). 48 rounds (6 clips) of the same ammunition, all loaded the same [150gr JSPBT/CCI LR/48gr of 748]. All fired over the Chronograph at 10 feet. I also shot another 48 rounds out of a 1903A3. An average of all 48 shots from each weapon:
Spfd - 2597.867 FPS
IHC - 2650.563 FPS
and the 03 - 2531.333

OK, the bolt really doesn't count and the amount of use each Garands has seen can make the difference.

Example number two:

Three 1911A1s, all 5 inch barrels, same manufacture. 6 seven round mags/42 rounds of the same loads [200gr lead/CCI LP/5.6gr 231]. All fired over the Chronograph at 10 feet. An average of all 42 shots from each weapon:
A45 - 867.2 FPS
A19 - 894.45 FPS
A16 - 869.0167 FPS

OK, but again...

Example number three:

Two Smith&Wesson Model 29s, 6 1/2 inch barrels. 36 round of the same loads [240gr lead {I'm cheap}/CCI LP/5.6gr 231]. All fired over the the Chronograph at 10 feet. An average of all 36 shots from each weapon:
TE - 633.7833 FPS
TT - 651.9722 FPS

3 comparisons, 53 FPS difference, 27 FPS difference and 18 FPS difference.
This may not be definitive proof of anything more than an oddity but.
All loads were loaded the same and indiscriminately pulled from a baggie to be fired. Yep, I still think that each weapon is a inanity unto it's self.

What value does all of this shooting have? I enjoyed the loading and shooting, what more does it need to do.


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