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Well, a 223 was shown in the picture, so I just suggested the best round in that caliber that I knew of that a non-reloader could easily get. In the last couple of years I've shot a few pigs with the 223 and with the 220, and I managed to kill them, but what I had intended to do was to hunt coyotes, but wound up with pigs in my sights. I was shooting way more pigs than I was shooting coyotes, and I was shooting them at distance. So even though I reloaded and had good bullets for the pigs, I needed bigger pig medicine and finally parked both the 223 and the 220 and dragged the 260 out of the gun safe. When I thump a pig at any distance with that 260 and the Nosler 120 gr Ballistic Tip, down they go. So, over time I've become so pleased with the 260 that I use it for coyotes, pigs, and deer. One size fits all, and fits quite well. Of course, you could do the same thing with the 250 Savage, the 243, the 6mm, the 257, and on and on...

Anyway, if the 223 is the chosen pig medicine, that Nosler Partition would be my first choice if you can buy the rounds with that particular bullet. If you reload, then you have even more choices. The Sierra 65 grain Gameking has worked well for me, as has the Partition, and there are some Barnes bullets that are supposed to work real well (but I have no experience with them). But still, the Winchester 64 grain is available and proven to work pretty well.
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