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jmr40's comment reminds me...Your local sporting goods store might have both the "Space blanket" -- a mylar film emergency blanket and the "Space Blanket sleeping bag" which is a similar product with a slightly heavier duty material.

Both work by reflecting body heat back at you to keep you very warm. The mylar does not let wind come through the material so there is no loss there. They're very lightweight and pack down small too. Either/both are a good addition to a small survival kit. On hot days, the reflective silver surface can provide shade from a broiling hot sun too.

Re: Hammocks... In a heavy rain, water can run down the anchoring lines and into the head and foot areas of the hammock. The twisted cord (natural or synthetic) can "wick" water and make sleeping quite uncomfortable. In cold weather, lay a wool blanket into the hammock first to insulate you from the breeze.

I find I still enjoy campfires and the great outdoors, but as I get older, I'm less inclined to leave my comfort behind. Last time we went hunting, we decided to really rough it.

How's that roughing it?
Simple. It took us 20 minutes to set the satellite dish up and two hours later we ran out of salt for the Margaritas!

Oh yeah... there's one other "luxury" I really like having in the woods...

BillCA in CA (Unfortunately)
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