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Originally Posted by Chaz88
I am thinking of buying a Coonan. I mostly cast and load my own with WC, SWC, and Round nose. Anyone have any experience with cast bullets and target loads in this gun?
Cast bullets run fine in mine. However, target loads don't. Powering soft lead (target bullets) past their intended velocities is not a good idea, but cast bullets intended for hunting (thus made of hard cast lead and probably chilled) and capable of full-power and full-velocity performance do very well. A custom caster might be in your future.

I have a guy in Anchorage who does very well in performance and price (Arnie's) for my friend who shoots them in his 500 Smith. And then, there is Ranger Rick who has a quite good reputation for high-power adept bullets, including is famous "Tyrannosaurus Thumper" bullets.

My revolver target .357 Loads run into the light 38 special power ranges and turn my Coonans into manually cycled repeaters. The spent cartridges don't even leave the chamber.

Now, this is nice, as I am not clearing stovepipe jams. But cycling that slide against that full-strength recoil spring is a challenge, as is loading the magazines. Dan Coonan certainly believes in strong springs!

Good luck

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