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Yea, that's the thing. Using Bullseye is pretty standard for some like me. It's no different than any other powder as far as reloading goes. Having presence of mind and no distractions, as well as a good load procedure will keep one out of trouble with it. I was pretty amazed that so many are against it.

Thinking about it, I kind of understand why the general hesitation to its use. Less and less people have presence of mind anymore. There's newbies, druggies, alkys, and insanity running rampant in the world right now and seems to be getting worse. Not to mention bubba. Add the internet where people can read all about the guns blowing up (and people too embarrassed to admit their own fault blaming the guns and such) and it scares people.

The funny thing is that while people are scared of Bullseye, which is a very stable and predictable powder...people think nothing of suggesting H110/WW296 and in full power loadings. These powders are a lot more touchy than Bullseye!
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