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Tagged & collared deer

Interesting thread on here a while back about the ethics of shoooting a tagged and/or collared deer. Here is a copy of an e-mail alert I got from the Wisconsin DNR....

Hunters should remember they may harvest any of the more than 240 white-tailed deer marked with radio collars or any of the 200 or so deer marked with ear tags during the designated archery and gun-deer seasons. In return, researchers ask hunters who harvest these marked deer to provide some information. Not a lot of information -- just a few basics.

That today from Michael Watt, the Department of Natural Resources scientist of the deer research team. Watts says the deer marked last year and this year are part of a study to better understand how long deer live and how they die. It also will help measure the impact of predators on the herd. And, since deer hunting is part of the state’s tourism industry, this also is an economic issue. Watt says successful deer herd management comes with hunters’ participation and the research partners who support the process to gather this key information.

Hunters who harvest these marked deer during the designated seasons are asked to call Watt at 608-221-6376 and provide this information:

• ear tag or radio collar number;

• how, when and where the animal died or was harvested; and,

• the hunter’s phone number with area code.

The study of the state’s deer herd is sponsored by the DNR, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Safari Club International, Wildlife Restoration Funding, Union Sportsmen’s Alliance, Whitetails Unlimited, Applied Population Laboratory, Menn Law Firm and private donations from Wisconsin citizens.

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