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Should Be Mandatory?

We live in a tech-multi-media dominated world whereby cameras are almost as common as one's purse or wallet. Point being (that at least for me) when anything of substance occurs even in my (somewhat mundane) life as it is, I whip out my cell-phone and snap or record the event. I sure wish that more of us in the forums would do likewise and post pics of catastrophic failures and the like as they would be extremely useful for all of us (heck, I would borrow someone's at the range if need be and mail it to myself and give the guy a tip for the data usage). I realize that in the heat of the moment it's perhaps not the first thing that comes to mind, but I maintain and equate it to a fender bender or full-blown automobile accident when I wouldn't think twice about taking pics/vids.

Just a suggestion (perhaps) for elucidation purposes going forward.

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