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I have run a lot of Varget and H4895 through my Uniflow measure. It does crunch occasionally but not as bad as 3031 or 4064.

In ball powders for both cartridges you might consider BL-C2 (originally used in 7.62x51), H335, RL15, and Ramshot TAC.

I would recommend the Sierra or Hornady manual depending on which bullet brand you use. Both have specific sections for service rifle loads of 60-80 gr. Most manuals stop at 60 gr.

For target and hunting you might consider the 65 gr Sierra SPBT gameking. Reasonable cost, pretty accurate and suitable for. game. I really like the 62 gr Barnes TSX. It is very accurate and tough enough for game. Others like the 70 gr TSX. They are pricey for much target use though. A good bullet is 68-69 gr BTHP by Hornady and Sierra.
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