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No offense intended Bear, but IMHO you are jumping the gun. I've been shooting and reloading for bolt action rifles for over 50 years. Assuming you do not reload your own rifle cartridges, you must try several brands and bullet weights after you have shot the rifle, cleaned it well, and properly adjusted action screws and all scope mount screws. I would expect the average Ruger GSR to be at about 2 MOA (possibly better) at 100 yards, but its short barrel will reduce velocity more rapidly than a typical 22" barrel .308 bolt action. The lower velocity will, of course, allow the bullet to drop faster and will also make the bullet more vulnerable to cross winds. As a result accuracy at longer ranges may less than what you hoped for. FWIW I recommend returning to the bench regularly to fine tune your rifle AND your shooting skills. I typically spend hours shooting from the bench to develop and fine tune a load, adjust my hunting scope, and practice for perhaps ONE 400 yard shot at an elk, mule deer or black bear. I hope some other experienced hunters will offer their opinions on these issues.
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