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Long shots are a useful part of "gun-fu". What about situations when a robber is retreating and you take a shot at his tires. Or a loose pitbull is charging one of your children, Or you get caught in a situation when you get the "opportunity " to take down a cowardly gun man shooting at innocent people.
If a robber is retreating, I will not take a shot at his tires, even though in Texas it *might* be perfectly justified.

If a pit bull is charging one of my children? If my child is 50 yards away from me then I should be more worried about a kidnapper than a pit bull. (And good luck hitting a dog running at 50 yards with a pistol regardless of who it is chasing; I have had enough trouble hitting them with a Glock 19 at 7 yards when they were charging me).

As to taking down a cowardly man shooting innocent people? That one is possible, but one would have to be very careful of the surroundings of their target. Recently a citizen saved a police officer who was in a gunfight with an armed criminal who had just shot and killed his neighbors and was lying in wait for the police response.... The citizen hit the criminal from 160 someodd yards with a .357 mag.....And then hit him 4 more times to keep him from outgunning the officer. That is impressive.

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