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No verifiable stories, Just life, war stories fron cop friends,a few military experiences, not any links or anything verifiable. Sorry boss, I would love to be able to provide you the info, but it seems like you're a see it to believe it kind of guy. But take the Colorado shooting, columbine, jonesboro, Arizona shooting for example. Or the many college campus or nightclub shootings as reference.
Considering in the specific cases, the shooters either committed suicide, were already subdued, or were apprehended by the police without an exchange of gunfire, it's hard to see those as examples of the police being "out gunned" or 9mm being obsolete as in 2 of the 4 shootings 9mm firearms were used.

Furthermore, planned mass shootings are exceptions rather than the rule, and do not provide valid information as to what the everyday criminals are doing.
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