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All of the above comments are valid and appreciated. I don't think anyone ever buys the AMT .45 Backup because of its high quality. Its usually been for the firepower in the smallest .45 pistol in production and hopefully a reliable shooter. It is more than convenient to carry all the same interchangeable caliber cartridges for your full size, compact, and micro weapons. The Kahr PM45 has a longer grip and magazine that sticks out when trying to conceal in a pair of blue jeans pocket or pant leg - not so with the AMT. All of the "firearm safety" warnings that used to be etched into the old slides are gone with the new production. The cover over the trigger mechanism on the right side of the gun prevents debris from entering the previously exposed parts, which is probably a good thing. The trade off is that now the two grip screws on the right need to be loosened to take off the grip and cover to gain access to the slide takedown pin which is flush, and needs to be pushed out from right to left.
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