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SCOTUS will not save the Constitution. It is the reason we have the massive governmental insanity that exists today. SCOTUS gave itself the power to interpret the Constitution.

Instead, what we need is SCOTUS to evaluate laws against a static Constitution. But what we have is something completely different due to FDR's threat to pack the court. They use the commerce clause out of the context of Congress' enumerated powers to pervert every part of the Constitution. Surgeons were NEVER meant to be controlled simply because a scalpel crossed state lines!

For heaven's sakes...a Federal court just ruled the government can collect private information on citizens without a warrant "so long as the information is not used." What sort of BS is that? It's a direct violation of the 4th Amendment! The Patriot Act is even worse. NDAA 2011 and the disappearing of citizens? The list of insanity goes on and we CONTINUE to do NOTHING.

We're supposed to have militias. You and I are supposed to drill periodically, check our gear, and do some training. When is the last time you marched in formation with 500 of your best friends?
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