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Originally Posted by Nanuk:
Exactly what are the other physiological reasons people stop fighting? Are you contending that there are physiological reasons beyond disruption of the central nervous system by trauma, or breaking major skeletal support structures, or tissue damage causing sufficient blood loss to incapacitate?
That is not what I am saying at all.
Actually, it is...

From page 5, post #124 of this thread:
Originally Posted by Nanuk:
Believe what you want. Your sig kinda says it all. A book about a test protocol to simulate what a bullet will do based on a mathematical formula in a water to equate to media that is used to simulate human tissue with no regard for any other physiological reason people stop fighting. Because that cannot be quantified in a lab.

The most reliable indicator is actual police shootings, but most departments are somewhat tight lipped about this data unless you have an inside source. Which is why I go back to high energy rounds being the most reliable fight stoppers.
My favorite "gun" book -


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