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Exactly what are the other physiological reasons people stop fighting? Are you contending that there are physiological reasons beyond disruption of the central nervous system by trauma, or breaking major skeletal support structures, or tissue damage causing sufficient blood loss to incapacitate?
That is not what I am saying at all.

Why do people stop fighting? Some lose the will to fight some lose the ability to fight. To rule out one because you cannot quantify in a laboratory it is just as wrong as cherry picking the results you want.

I am just saying that gelatin testing is oversimplification. It has its place to be sure, but I have yet to see it presented in such a manner as "This is what success looks like". It has been presented as an educated guess.

I am at the end of this debate. I am not a Doctor.

For my career I spent 26 years of as a street cop in some of the most violent areas in the country and I was also an NREMT on the street for 9 of those years. I know what works and what just makes people angry.

When I say that high energy round work, that is my opinion based on personal experience, not something I read somewhere. Marginal rounds are unpredictable performers on the street. The 38 special, 380 ACP, Standard velocity 9mm. When you bump the 9mm up in velocity it works quite well.
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